11 Health Benefits of Uridine Nootropic and its Effects on the Brain

People may not be much familiar with Uridine, but it could boost your brain when it needs. Uridine is one of the major components of RNA which has positive effects on human brains. Uridine Nootropic is a natural compound and it is one part of five nucleotides, which make up a nucleic acid. In the functioning of the central nervous system, Uridine plays a vital role. Other common names for Uridine are Uridine triphosphate or Uridine-5-monophosphate.

Uridine gets synthesized inside the liver as UMP and gets a stash in the blood of humans. In very small amounts Uridine is produced by the body. We can find Uridine in various plants like sugarcane, broccoli, tomatoes etc. It can be found in breast milk also.

11 Benefits of Uridine Supplements

  1. Brain Growth – There are major benefits of Uridine on the brain, one of them is it has a positive effect on the brain which improves your memory power, sleep, and slow wave sleep in sleep-deprived rats. Uridine is a combination of Choline and DHA which help to increase the number of synapses that  form in the brain.
  2. Boosts Intelligence – Consumption of Uridine Monophosphate can improve the brain function. Addition of DHA (Omega-3) with the Uridine Nootropic stack can show a high density of dendritic spines in the hippocampus. Hence, a combination of UMP, DHA, and Choline can significantly increase the memory power and make you intelligent.
  3. Memory Improvement – One can see a long-term benefit of Uridine, i.e., memory improvement. It delays Alzheimer by stimulating synapse formation. When supplemented with choline, we can observe a logical and verbal enhancement in human memory.
  4. Reduces Inflammation and Pain – Daily consumption of Uridine with folic acid and vitamin B12 can reduce carpal tunnel syndrome. Also, it relieves inflammation and lung fibrosis symptoms by diminishing pro-inflammatory cytokines.
  5. Heart Protection – Taking of Uridine can improve the flow of blood to the heart which minimizes the risk of heart attack.
  6. Helps in Liver Growth – Treatment with Uridine can help in the complete restoration of liver cell and liver growth.
  7. Render Depression – Uridine is used to treat bipolar disorder in children. Also, consuming a daily dose of Uridine can reduce the depression.
  8. Improves Mitochondrial Function – People having mitochondrial dysfunction can see results by taking Uridine Monophosphate. It is an effective method to cope with the mitochondria in human cells.
  9. HIV-related problems – HIV patients have a low uridine in their blood. So, 24-weeks of uridine supplements can converse the poisonous effects and avoid mitochondrial depletion.
  10. Helps in Cystic Fibrosis Treatment – Patient with cystic fibrosis disorder face damage to their lungs and digestive system. Also, it increases secretions in the lungs due to sodium absorption. So, the taking of Uridine can help get rid of these secretions enhance airway and clear mucus.
  11. Anemia Treatment – The combination of Uridine, Vitamin B12, and Cytidine can be an effective and safe treatment for Anemia.

Effects of Uridine in the Brain

Uridine Nootropic boosts brain function and health in several ways. Here are the two particular stands out.

  • Memory:

Memory depends on the neuroplasticity which is connected with the ability to learn and create memories. This process of converting experiences into memories develops new neuron which is also called as neurogenesis. Hence, supplementing with Uridine develops more phospholipids which result in new and strong neurons.

  • Mood:

According to the research, supplementing with uridine boosts the CDP-Choline level. It also stimulates ‘feel-good’ neurotransmitter dopamine in the human brain. It is responsible for the feelings of emotional control, happiness, and motivation. This may also reduce anxiety and symptoms of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

To enhance the function of human brain cells, Uridine Monophosphate can be multi-faceted brain booster.

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