A Note on Different Types of Fences You can select from

Fencing is an excellent way for decking up the exteriors of your house. Along with demarking your property, fencing helps in enhancing the beauty of the house and particularly the garden that you have in front of the house. The Houston fence company you choose to fence the property can help you with different ideas of building the fences. It was a time when homeowners only have to depend on wood for building the fences. But today, various options are available among the materials promising better longevity and sturdiness. Vinyl, engineered wood, aluminum and wrought iron are some of the chosen materials for fencing these days.

Let’s have a quick look at the different types of fence materials used these days—


Vinyl is widely popularized across the United States as a material for fencing. It is non-toxic which is why it’s safe for pets, kids, and the family. The material is sturdy and ensures durability. You can get various designs of fences with vinyl. The color of the fence will not be diminished even in extreme weather condition. By installing vinyl fences, you need to be least worried about the maintenance. You can easily clean the fences with plain water or soap.


If you want to give a traditional look in your exteriors then choosing wooden fencing can be the best solution. By using wood, you can create shadow box, stockade, and board-on-board fences. The natural looking fences will give a beautiful appeal. But, you need to take great care of the wooden fences. Once in a while, you need to disinfect it, clean it after a severe rain or storm and sometimes have to replace a portion of it if you find eroded away.

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood is a chosen material for fencing. You can opt for it to get the glamor of the natural looking fences that is done by the wood but the engineered wood fences enjoy better durability. These are processed wood maneuvered with several layers of chemicals useful for resisting the extreme weather conditions as well as to enhance the beauty of the product. This material is also sturdy enough to resist a strong storm or rain.


If you’re intending to get a railing by the swimming pool or temporary fencing then aluminum is ideal for the fencing. This is light-weighted yet sturdy enough to resist the weather conditions.

These are the different types of fences you can select for your property.

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