Bringing A Portable Weed Vaporizer To Restaurants

Okay, everybody that’s ever smoked herb more than a couple times and actually had good experiences from it knows how intrinsically linked the act of eating food is to the high. Munchies are a well known and often joked about side effect of being ‘stoned’ on cannabis, and can typically be described as a thundering hunger from the core of your soul demanding you ravenously devour nearly anything and everything around you. With all the changing laws and shifting public perception for the use of cannabis, medical or recreational, lots of people might be tempted to sneak a few puffs between courses from a portable weed vaporizer at a restaurant. I’m no expert but I can pretty confidently assume that even in countries, states, or provinces that have legalized cannabis use, this is most likely not technically allowed in the slightest.

Know Your Environment

If you’re in a very liberal city, like say, Montreal or Amsterdam, it would likely be a lot less risky to attempt this compared to a city like London or a random town in the bible belt of the USA. You can be stealthy and keep your vape in a jacket pocket easily enough anywhere you go, but the risk goes up depending where you are if you do happen to get caught and somebody notices what you’re doing. Regardless of your moral and political views on the matter, people are entitled to their own and you can expect to face some pretty intense derision for doing something illegal so nonchalantly in a place like a restaurant. So if you must, at least be sensitive to your surroundings.

Be Respectful

Again, it’s not exactly recommended to do something illegal like this but if you find you really have to, at least be a decent person about it. If someone clearly indicates they don’t appreciate it, or confronts you about it, don’t argue or continue doing it, it will only worsen the situation for all parties. Even if we are convinced in our own personal views of cannabis, we have no right to push them upon other people forcibly.

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