Few Over the Counter Steroids That You May Buy

Many of you must be using supplements for sports nutrition for pretty long time and quite aware about their limitations. In order to get fast results, you will need over the counter steroids. Therefore, many bodybuilders often visit well-known stores like Walmart, GNC and Vitamin Shoppe and enquire about availability of any over the counter steroids that can be purchased legally.

Over the counter steroids

If you ever visit well-known stores to enquire about the availability of anabolic steroids sold over the counter, then most of them will reply in negative. Some of them may say that they are not very sure about their availability in their store. However, it is real fact that even if they have any steroids in their stock, they will not prefer to sell it over the counter.

The reason is very clear. These well-known stores do not sell them over the counter because they cannot sell these products without a valid prescription from recognized doctors. You cannot buy anabolic steroids without a doctor’s prescription as their sale has been banned since 2001.

However, you may obtain few products that are marketed in these shops that are considered as steroid alternates. As a matter of fact, these products are not steroids. They are usually in the category of protein shakes, amino acids and mass gainers. Also, those who consume these steroid alternate products have given good review about them. They claim that by using these steroid alternatives they have achieved muscle gain and energy as well.

Legal position about OTC steroids

Some of the websites claim that these steroid alternates as over the counter steroids that you can legally buy from stores without anyone objecting to it. Some of these steroids are also approved for medical treatments for back pain, hives, asthma and inflammation etc. These OTC steroids can be easily used for various performance improvement purposes.

Are there anything like legal steroids?

However, if you use these over the counter steroids in order to participate in any competitive sports then legal position is still “No”. These over the counter steroids are only available for sale. In case, you want to use any real steroids for your performance improvement purpose then you can take them at your own risk. Therefore, there is nothing that you can buy from the market as a legal steroid for nonmedical purpose.

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