How to Use Ribbon in Your Wedding Decoration?

Wedding is the most memorable day for all and the decoration is what puts more life into it. That is why so much of thought and planning is put into the type of decoration the wedding could have. One of the cheapest and simplest supplies for the decorations is ribbons. Not only are they convenient and easily accessible, but are also so elegant that they can add a dash of beauty to almost anything. One of the most common and frequently used ribbons for decoration is Finerribbon organza ribbon. Their designs and colors enhance the existing charm of your wedding d├ęcor.

Here are some ideas that you can use for wedding decoration with ribbons:

  1. A Ceremony Backdrop: This is very easy to do. All you need is a rod that can stand put on a wall. You can attach different colors of ribbons at small distances and create a ribbon curtain. You can hang this backdrop behind the place where some important ceremony takes place. It will highlight the background and will be an excellent spot for clicking pictures.
  2. A Ribbon Garland: You can take a long thread and attach small pieces of multi-colored ribbons with many patterns and designs. You can hang this around the tables, on the walls and almost everywhere.
  3. Chair Decoration with Ribbon: Sometimes, the chairs are often neglected during decoration as people feel that it is an unnecessary expenditure. But when compared to the already decorated venue, if the chairs are not decorated then it gives a bad impression. Therefore, instead of using something very expensive, you can use ribbons to decorate the chair. They will make the chairs look fancy and you can use a little creativity and DIY decoration.
  4. A Ribbon Chandelier: Well, a chandelier anywhere can steal the show and we know that it is pretty expensive. But you can substitute an actual chandelier with a chandelier that is made with the help of ribbons. There is more than one way to make the chandelier. You can check out various tutorials on YouTube as well as Google to get step by step instructions on how to build a ribbon chandelier.
  5. Wedding Invitation Cards: You can also accentuate your existing wedding invitation cards with a little DIY. Enclosing them with the help of ribbons will make your invitations look even more attractive and appealing.

Author Bio: Rachael Fernandez has contributed the above guest post. She is a professional fashion designer, who has plenty of interest in interior decoration as well.