Is Homemade Dog Shampoo A Preferred Product?

The dog shampoo can be made at home with the help of a simple recipe. It is as effective as the store bought products. These products will help you to save money and you can also have control over the product. The dogs according to a canine therapist say that dogs do not have the capacity to withstand the chemicals that are found in the store bought shampoo. It is like food as you know what is there in the food.

Similarly you are aware of the ingredients that are present in the shampoo. It is 100% cost effective and healthy for the dogs too. The common ingredients that are used in homemade shampoo are castile soap as well as lavender essential oil. They are used to help combat fleas and the use of coconut oil is to moisturise. The distilled white vinegar is used to remove the smells. The essential oil that is added is just few drops or the scent may be harmful to dogs.  You need not Buy Detangling Dog Shampoo instead easily prepare it at home.

Easy steps to prepare homemade shampoo

  • The dog shampoo that you prepare at home is not very complicated. You have to use dish soap and white vinegar that is perfect to remove the accumulated oils in the skin and the coat of the dogs. But you have to avoid dish soaps that have either strong scent or artificial additives.
  • The white vinegar that is used is known to anti bacterial. So it acts like a deodorizer and helps the dog’s coat look shiny and healthy. You have to be careful is that it should not get into the pup’s eyes as it is mildly acidic and it may be painful if it does not rinse and flush out.
  • The fresh smelling and the shiny coat can be maintained with the use of rosemary. This has a moisturising quality and is greatly used for dogs that have dander issues. It works wonders even for flea treatment. It will repel the fleas and also leave the dog with silky and beautiful smell.

  • The dry shampoos are greatly used in situations when you do not have ample time to bathe your dog. You also do not want that it stinks. This is a powder that will help remove the oils that are built up in the dog’s coat. You can comfortably use this shampoo if your dog does not have any skin issues. The dog’s shampoo made at home is free from preservatives hence are completely fresh.


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