Savings Has Funded Most Of The Recent Home Refurbishment Projects!

Home refurbishment projects can be expensive, but there are some interesting trends that must be noted about this industry. According to Infographic supplied by builders west London from Newline Construction Ltd, around 41% homeowners still preferred hiring a contractor for the job, while around 25% were interested in DIY projects along with help from professional contractors. It is also surprising that around 46% of all home refurbishment project budgets were on target. In fact, people who used their savings for funding these projects were more in control of their budgets.

What’s also interesting is the increase in use of savings. Around 80% of all people who participated in the survey used their savings to fund the project. On the contrary, those who used loans were more off their target and ended up spending more. Homeowners have also started to realize the need for improvements for a better sale price. Around 80% invested in home refurbishment with an expectation of selling the house. No wonder, they know that buyers are looking for better homes with good maintenance. If you are considering home improvements and want to take a loan, you might to check your savings again before taking the final call.

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