Selecting Dental Implant Provider – Right Questions to Ask for Making an Informed Decision

Replacing each missing tooth with dental implants is impossible. Realistic fact is that a single implant is a heavy  investment. It is not affordable for majority of folks. People using dentures are given a hope to get relief from their suffering by opting for dental implants. However, when they get to know about the cost they give up.

Is there another affordable tooth replacement way?

Excellent options over the expensive dental implants are dental bridges and over dentures.

  1. When two or more teeth in a row go missing then a single or two dental implants are positioned, which serves as a bridge.
  1. Overdentures blend dentures and implants. About 4 to 6 implants are attached to a total denture arc.

Besides cost, people avoid going to a dentist because of fear. If you are considering dental implants then specialist for implant Dr St-Onge has done great works.

What to look for in an ideal dental implant provider?

In-person consultation is needed

Good provider will encourage you to visit for a free consultation.

Key factors the dentist will consider –

  • Jaw bone structure, which needs to be healthy for appropriate dental implant fusion.
  • Health of gums to predict implant results.
  • How you care for your overall oral health and hygiene?
  • Smoking or other habits, which can impact the implant success.

Dental implant success depends on consulting in person and clearing doubts

  • How dental implant surgery is performed?
  • How much time is taken to complete the process?
  • How much time will healing process take?
  • Can I wear my partial denture during healing?

Recognize the skills, training, and experience

  • What brand of dental implants do you use?
  • What is your dental implant success rate?
  • Which is the appropriate implant material?
  • How will I know that my implant is authentic from manufacturer?

Questions that define success clearly

  • Do you offer lifetime guarantee?
  • Is there warranty for crowns?
  • How to manage implant placement swelling or pain?
  • Can I phone you during weekend hours or at night, in case of dental implant issues?
  • How to take care of the implants, when it is healing?
  • Is there a need to replace implants and overdentures? How often?

Discuss the available pricing and financial options

  • Will I need bone grafting? What are its fees?
  • What is full treatment cost including implants, crown, abutment, or bridge?
  • Do you provide instalment or financing plans?
  • If I carry dental insurance coverage then how will you assist me in maximizing my benefits?


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