Treating breast cancer with Anastrozole

Anastrozole is retailed under the trade name, Arimidex and it is identified as a medication that is utilized with other treatments, like radiation or surgery for treating breast cancer. This is particularly used for hormone receptor-positive type of breast cancer. It is also being utilized for averting breast cancer in those patients who suffer from a high risk of it. You can take this medication by your mouth. This medication is used in females who have gone through menopause and it is used in the form of initial treatment for breast cancer that has spread within the female’s breast or to different other parts of her body.

This medication is also taken when the condition of the breast cancer has become worse post taking Nolvadex. It belongs to the class of medicines, known as non-steroidal aromatase inhibitors. Its job is to lessen the quantity of estrogen a person’s body makes so it can slow or halt the development of numerous kinds of breast cancer cells which require estrogen for growing.People habitually mistake this medication for a steroid as it is also utilized during cutting cycles by the bodybuilders. Bodybuilders call it by aromatase-inhibitor. When you are on a lookout to buy this medication, you will find Anastrozole 1 mg by the name Arimidex 1 mg.

The mechanism of taking this drug

This medication is found in a tablet form that can be consumed by mouth. It’s commonly taken once per day along with food or without food. You should take this medication at the same time daily and need to follow every direction mentioned on the prescription label. If you fail to understand some part of it, ask your physician or the pharmacist to explain that part. You are required to take this medication precisely as directed and do not increase or decrease the dosage on your own. Continue taking it even if you aren’t feeling well and don’t stop taking it without consulting your physician.

Some precautions to follow

Before you take this medication you must inform your physician if you have an allergic reaction to this medication or other medications or to the constituents of this medication. You must also inform your doctor regarding the prescription as well as non-prescription medications, herbal products, vitamins, and nutritional supplements you have been taking or will take in the future. You must even inform about the disorders you are presently having or were suffering from, like osteoporosis, high cholesterol, heart or liver disease. Remember, this medication can only be taken by females who have already undergone menopause and they can’t turn pregnant.

The look of the tablets

The tablets look biconvex, white, film-coated that contain anastrozole 1 mg. On one side of the tablet, you will find a logo comprising of the letter “A” in uppercase and it has got an arrowhead linked to the endof the stretched right leg of the alphabet “A”. On the reverse side, you will find the tablet with the marking “Adx 1”. This is the flagship compound of AstraZeneca. This medication is commonly called Adex by many bodybuilders and its approval for use was granted in the year 1995.

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