Venus Freeze – One of The Best Non-Surgical Treatments for Your Ageing Problems.

Venus freeze is approved by FDA and it is a non-invasive treatment to tighten loose skin on the neck, face and other parts of the body. The energy heats tissues and removes old collagen so that new collagen is formed.

The benefits that occur from Venus Freeze are skin contraction and wrinkle free face. It is also helpful for women, who have just given birth to a baby and are working on to bring that firmness back in their body. There are many applicators depending upon which part of the body needs to be treated.

Generally, people are reluctant of any cosmetic procedure as they believe the procedure would cause a lot of pain. However, Venus Freeze process is painless and also feels smooth on the skin. There is certain amount of heat that is felt on the skin, which is bearable.

Generally, there are two areas that are treated frequently-

  • The face and neck which takes nothing more than 45 minutes.
  • The body, where most common areas treated are thighs and hips.

At some places, Venus Freeze procedure is not done alone. Dr. √Člise Bernier MD combines some other treatment to remove tough fat and tissues. Before starting the procedure, photos and measurement is taken for comparison purpose after the session.

Before the treatment starts a gel is applied on the affected area and Venus Freeze is moved to treat that area. Radio frequency is penetrated into the skin. With a machine, the temperature will be monitored so that when it reaches proper temperature it has to be maintained. During this treatment, you might feel heat in the treated area. It stays for few hours and gradually subsides.

Those with sensitive skin can have some burnt areas or bruises that can be taken care of with ointment or antiseptics. This process is not time consuming and you can rejoin your work immediately after completion of first session.

Today, celebrities believe in Venus Freeze as it helps in tightening skin and they are sure that they are not experimenting. Unlike botox, you can be sure that results are going to be positive as it does not require any kind of after medication. Moreover, with tough competition in their hectic life they always need to look presentable and young.

Venus Freeze must not be included in a weight loss program, as it does not completely remove fat, but simply tightens your skin. For better results, multiple sessions are required. Remember that Venus Freeze alone is not beneficial if healthy diet and exercise is not followed.

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