Ways to Tell if you are Living with Someone with a Crack Addiction

Crack is one of the most popular drugs on the street in the United States today. It is so popular, it almost surpasses heroin and other opiates. It is popular because it is easily made, cheap, and easy to obtain. It is made by simply diluting and cooking down regular cocaine and then cooling it so it forms rocks. One ounce of regular cocaine can make more crack cocaine and therefore can be sold cheaper. Unfortunately, it is highly addictive, some say more addictive than regular cocaine. It is difficult to tell if someone is using crack cocaine. So how do you tell if you are living with someone who has a crack addiction?

The Burns

They have burns around their mouth. Many people use crack a crack pipe to smoke crack. This pipe is usually glass, metal, or ceramic. When you smoke crack it heats up the pipe which in turn burns your lips. Unfortunately, this pain is dulled by the sensation of the drug and so you continue to smoke and continue to burn your mouth worse and worse. Sometimes these burns resemble cold sores and crack users often try to explain them as such. A person experiencing a cold sore usually gets them regularly or when they do things like are exposed to the first cold of the season. A person smoking crack and burning themselves will have almost constant burns.

Rocks or Small Baggies with Rocks

When someone is abusing crack, they have well crack. Crack is sometimes called rock for a good reasons. Simply put it looks like white or whitish brown rocks. Crack is usually put into small baggies for sale or transport. If you see baggies that are 4 inches by 3 inches or 3 inches by 2 inches and the person does not bead or have some other reason to have them, there is a good chance they are being used for drugs. If the bags have a white powder or white substance, there is an even better chance they’ve been used for crack or cocaine. These bags are often found with or around other paraphernalia.


Although an occasional mood swing is not uncommon, violent mood swings are definitely not good. Violent mood swings indicate that something is wrong with the person or their life. Talk to them about their moods and if need be ask about drug use. Be very careful about this. Make sure to approach their behavior in a sensitive non-judgmental manner. They may be suffering from a mood disorder and sometimes crack addiction mimics mood disorders.

Many crack addicts feel euphoric and on top of the world when they are on the drug and then crash suddenly when they come down. This causes their behavior to change in some profound ways. You do have to be careful though. Some addicts can become violent when they are on crack and very aggressive. They could hurt you.

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